Travel Ireland – Dublin City

Travel Ireland – Dublin City

Travel Ireland
Dublin Castle Built 1220

Travel Ireland and have yourself  one of the most amazing vacations  full of history, things to see,and things to find out and nice people to meet. Facts about Ireland are so plentiful that one could write volumes on historical facts about Ireland alone. Travel Ireland to find a most unique country with a friendly and helpful people,good food, creamy Guinness and bloody awful drivers. When you travel Ireland its the scenery that grabs your attention.  Here is a short few historical facts about Ireland and its capital city Dublin.
Dublin City is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. It is one of the most beautifully situated cities in Europe, on the banks of the river liffey beside wide Dublin bay. As a center of literature, art and learning with a rich architectural heritage, it is often referred to as ‘ A Western Athens ‘ .

The oldest evidence of life in the Dublin area is a 4000 year old burial site located where Europe’s largest walled urban park now stands – The Phoenix Park. The zoo in the park was opened 1831 and is the fifth oldest zoo in the world. Cairbre the roaring lion that became the world – famous trade mark of MGM Studios was born herein 1927.

In Celtic times Dublin was called Baile Atha Cliath, Town of the Hurdle Ford. The present name is derived from the Gaelic Dubh Linn meaning black pool. The site of the original black pool is underneath the gardens of Dublin Castle. The Castle itself which was built in 1228 occupies the only high ground in the old city.

It was over Dublin Castle that the British Union Flag was flown for the very first time on January 1st 1801 to signal the act of union between Great Britain and Ireland.

Travel Ireland

The Court yard of Dublin Castle where
the British Union flag was Flown for the first time.

This only scratches the surface of the history of Dublin The capital City of the Republic of Ireland. There is lots lots more to see and learn about but that’s for future posts. It is demanding being a tourist, so why not check out some nice music to bring with when you visit Ireland. Sample my album An Irish Holiday here or download a free track with my compliments to enjoy.

I hope when you visit Ireland you have a great time.

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