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Re live some favorite irish melody’s,with Piano and the

Emerald Concert Orchestra,from renowned Irish pianist

Brendan O’Byrne, one of the most musical Irish pianists in a very long while with some free music tracks.

You can now download two tracks with his compliments “Yes free music”

Listen to what people are saying about Brendan O’Byrne and free music tracks from Ireland

free musicWillie Haughton, Brendan O’Byrne’s free tracks is wonderful. A gifted musician.

To relax I put on his music,listen and unwind,it’s really joyful.

Emer Kernan, With pleasure I recommend Mr O’Byrnes music. It hooks the listener right away. Try the free music tracks

Fiona Hannon, I run a Bed & Breakfast, I play Brendan’s

music during breakfast.Daily my guests look for his albums.

Its just beautiful music from Ireland !

A pianist of high renown, Brendan has played music to and for people the world over. From royalty to celebs, world statesmen, to you the normal everyday man in the street, which he considers his most important customer. In a recent album review of Brendan’s album “An Irish Holiday” from which the offered tracks are taken, it was said  ” This musician has really found his niche, as an orchestrator, pianist and and arranger” His treatment of this old Irish melodies lend to tireless listening and great pleasure is derived  from doing just that.

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