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Irish music on holiday is essential whether it be from U2 or melodies of the irish masters such as Turlough O’Carolan the blind irish harpist, a selection of Thomas Moore’s famous works, or the songs of Percy French. Here’s the thing, the all contain humor, romanticism,liveliness, they are evocative, but most of all they are pleasant to listen to.My first interest started when I was a lad, my mother and grandmother were both good singers, and I would hear them sing and play at family gatherings and the like.
Later when at music school, the late Dr.,Archie Potter one of my mentors frequently asked me to arrange irish pieces for small orchestra and ensembles for exam preparation, and off course the in depth study of melodic construction required for this process deepened my interest substantially.
Playing this genre on vacation is relaxing, peaceful, and stress free, particularly when you are driving on the irish roads in Connemara for the first time, which is a bit like driving to the vanishing point, and the roads get narrower the further out you go into this hinterland of the west of our country, full of sheep, and mountainous ruggedness.
There is a rule of driving out there which applies no where else in Ireland. Stay in the middle of the road and move over to left when the other fellow comes along. This applies particularly to American tourists, and members of any other nation that drive on the opposite side of the road. Irish music playing in your rented irish rickshaw greatly reduces the stress levels of both yourself,spouse and family members or other friends who may be with you on holiday, especially when you are faced with negotiating the passing of a tour coach, or forty foot articulated lorry coming the opposite way. A daunting thought !! Enjoy the album and take the stress out of your trip.

You can pick up some free tracks here or Check out my stress free album here

Have a great trip.

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