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Ashford castle music is provided nightly by Brendan OByrne who is also an independent music professional. I am the resident pianist to Ashford Castle for the past several years. Performing music at this world class venue, I believe that music from all genres should be performed at this hotel, and as such I am constantly updating my repertoire. I perform there nightly when I am not touring, but nothing gives me more pleasure than to perform as much as possible on their magnificent piano, a most beautiful instrument. I am an enthusiastic composer and have recently released a new piano piece The Ashford Waltz in honour of my long years performing ashford castle music.

Ashford Castle Entertainment Performing ashford castle entertainment I regularly act as an accompanist to visiting artists who come to perform there. Not so long ago Amanda Bruen lyricist of Bette Midler song “The Rose” was a guest and sang her own lyrics. You don’t have to be famous however, if you know and can sing a song or two or play an instrument you are welcome to perform and enjoy. The spotinaiety of a member of the audience coming up to perform adds hugely to the evening, and leaves great memories for the audience, and the performer alike. It’s all on the night,and ashford castle entertainment thrives on audience participation.  Recently I was setting up for the evening music, and this man started chatting, complimenting me on my earlier cocktail music set. I asked him did he play, to which he replied badly, buy I am a good trumpeter. Have you got your trumpet with you I asked, he replied yes I have, I told him he was welcome to bring it to the evening entertainment and do a few numbers. He did so, yes he was a good musician, and was a member of an English amateur brass band, and we played three or four numbers.

Ashford Castle Singer
Ashford Castle
singer is another side to ashford castle music and ashford castle entertainment. There are those nights when try as you might audience participation is a non runner, so when this comes in to the mix, I sit at the piano and sing and play songs from all genres of music, or alternatively I take out my guitar and sing some folk songs and the like with some jokes and comic songs, making the night a fun night as far as possible. One way or the other guests will be entertained whether passively or directly because that is my job but equally it is my job to figure out as quickly as possible what route to go, which most of the time works out OK.

I am very lucky to be able to do what I love to do, and to be a part of the Red Carnation Hotel group who now own the hotel, long may it continue. Nothing gives me greater pleasure in life than playing piano, all be it ambient, in this wonderful setting.

You can obtain some free tracks or check out some of my compositions by following the links below.

Enjoy listening to “An Irish Holiday”

An_Irish_Holiday_Banner_AddDigital Grand Piano Resized

Music available on this site

An Irish Holiday
An album of favorite Irish melody's for piano and orchestra.
The Ashford Waltz
A catchy waltz composed for piano.
Waltz For A Lady
A waltz of musical beauty composed for piano.
Tarantella in A minor
A Lively Italian Wedding Dance composed for Piano

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