An Irish Holiday

Brendan OByrne Ashford Castle

This is a music album titled An Irish Holiday, recorded and produced by Brendan OByrne, resident pianist,musician and entertainer to Ashford Castle Hotel in Cong Co.,Mayo Ireland.
The album consists of famous melodies from Ireland and some easy listening songs arranged for piano and orchestra by this talented musician. It is very relaxing to listen to at any time, even when driving throughout Ireland or elsewhere.This is an ideal album for any occasion as it allows the listener to relax in a stress free way. Its also perfect for background music at a dinner party you might give, or when you have friends around casually. It should be said that the old irish music forms a great basis for the easylistening genre, and the melody construction of the famous melodies such as “Believe me of all those endearing young charms”which is featured is second to none. You can sample a selection of tracks at the links below or subscribe for a free track on the right hand side bar of this page, by just entering your name and email, and I look forward to meeting you.

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irish holiday music
1. The Green Glens of Antrim
2. The Kerry Dances
3. Believe me of all those endearing young charms
4. Trottin’ to the fair
5. Moonlight in Mayo


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In a recent album review of Brendan’s album ,it was said ”This musician has really found his niche, as an orchestrator, pianist and and arranger”

His treatment of this old Irish melodies lend to tireless listening and great pleasure is derived from doing just that.
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