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Irish music Irish songs gives a listing of the music compositions & recordings of pianist,guitarist,entertainer,singer songwriter, and composer Brendan OByrne.
A talented music maker,this musician has been providing irish castles including Ashford Castle with music for the past number of years.
As an  entertainer, he regularly performs through out Ireland delivering entertainment of the highest standard to visiting guests.
He is an extremely talented musician ans is regularly referred to as The Maestro when he performs.
He is at home performing Classical,Jazz,Country,Music from the shows,etc on piano, and also loves to perform Irish songs and songs from the folk genre on guitar whilst singing. He is a well researched artist, and gives clear and accurate information about the songs he sings, which makes this aspect of what he does very interesting and enjoyable to listen to. A talented composer he has composed quite a few piano pieces some of which are listed here for your enjoyment. Irish music and Irish song are at the core of this artists talent which is why he likes to perform Irish music, how ever music education has left him in the happy position of being able to perform from all genres of music which he does.Whilst touring and also performing music at Ashford Castle, this artist has entertained people from all parts of the globe including many famous people, celebrities, heads of state, the most recent being the Chinese Premier in the company of An Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

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Music Available on this site

An Irish Holiday
An album of favorite Irish melody's for piano and orchestra.
The Ashford Waltz
A catchy waltz composed for piano.
Waltz For A Lady
A waltz of musical beauty composed for piano.
Tarantella in A minor
A Lively Italian Wedding Dance composed for Piano

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